Nordic Star Sheared Sheepskin Rug


6’ 6” in diameter 

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* This item is made to order. Please allow 14 days for production. Also note this rug ships from our studio in Russia. It will ship priority express mail (EMS). 

Description: Carefully and professional sewn pieces of velvety soft sheepskin pieces. The rug has a stunning shine to it. The color is a cold white with the slightest tint of very light grey. Barely noticeable. Reads white but not a stark bleached white. Gorgeous. 
Pelt type: medium to thin plush 
Care: This pelt does not need to be brushed. If you need to wash it, we recommend hand-washing or washing on a cold delicate rinse. See the link below for care instructions.

Each pelt is exclusive and one-of-a-kind. There's never a duplicate!

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The Benefits of Sheepskins:

- Wool is incredible at regulating body heat
- Helps to relieve aches and pains
- Resistant to dirt and bacteria
- hypo-allergenic (and help soothe skin rashes like eczema and more )
- Adds warmth and texture to your home

Our ethically sourced pelts come from small organic farmers whose sheep roam miles each day through hill-tops and mountains.  They are softened with animal fats as opposed to harsh metals and chemicals. They are tanned using a biobased lactic acid that is safe for even new-borns! We take pride in the clean and stress free energy that each pelt brings into your home.


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We use a animal brush to comb our skins! It's safe, and keeps them lush and clean.
You can shake your pelt or pelt pillow out once or twice a month to remove dust.

More information on caring for your pelt here:



When you buy an item from East Perry, you are buying a "piece of happy". See my story in our "Philosophy" section for a better understanding of this. I'm an American living in Southern Russia raising my son as an expat. You are not only supporting us, but local farmers whom are mostly women with families to support. This is 100% fair trade, family run businesses. I can also guarantee 100% quality, accurate product delivery from what the photo shows, and constant communication.