Mrirt BENI OURAIN Rug “Zohra”


(made to order, please allow 8 weeks for rug to be finished and shipped). 

Please note that the rug in the photograph is size 8' x 10'


Ships from our trusted partner studio in Marrakech
Rug is made to order, and ships as soon as it is finished  via FedEx Express. We will provide a Fedex tracking number.

One-of-a-kind brand new (not vintage) Mrirt Beni Ourain Rug made from organic wool sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. 

The process to make one of these gorgeous rugs is not without much hard work. A tradition that spans 10,000 years. One rug can take up to 8-10 weeks to make, which doesn't include the tedious work of shearing up to 100 coats of sheep wool. The wool is thoroughly washed with spring waters, but don't be surprised if you find some straw of grass or grain here and there in your new rug. This just goes to show how organic the process actually is. The wool must dry in the summer sun, sometimes taking weeks depending on the weather. I personally love the use of spring waters and sun to clean, ensuring a truly organic process that has been proven to be a superior method for thousand of years. After about a month of weaving the rug, there is a final cleaning process where the rug dries in the pristine mountain air. Such a beautiful process that has been perfected by the Atlas mountain people. 

You can vacuum the rugs as you would any other rug. For simple stains, please use a special wash, ideally one that has lanolin and is designed for wool. Using anything with chemicals could cause discoloration. For anything major, we recommend a professional dry cleaning.